Quick Answer: What Means Willingness?

What’s another word for willingness?

What is another word for willingness?preparednessreadinessenthusiasminclinationwillalacrityamenabilityeagernessagreeablenessagreement21 more rows.

What is an example of willingness?

If your troop of Girl Scouts has a willingness to try anything, it means they stay cheerful and ready, even if they’re hiking through a prickly field of thistles. When something is done with willingness, there is no sense of resentment or hesitation.

How do you express willingness?

We can use will to say that someone is willing to do something: Tom’s a really kind person; he will always help you if you need something. We can use will not / won’t to express an unwillingness to do something: David doesn’t want to talk to me – he won’t answer the phone.

Why is willingness important in the workplace?

Having the ability and willingness to learn helps you get to grips with a job quickly. It helps you develop the best techniques, and take on important information – such as how to stay safe in the workplace. Employers look for people who can demonstrate a willingness to learn.

What is a willing person?

If you’re willing to do something, you’re agreeable or ready. A willing participant in your play is someone who won’t have to be coerced into taking part, but is happy to join you on stage.

What is willingness to learn?

Willingness to learn is defined as a desire, wish or readiness to acquire new knowledge and develop. It means that a person does not want to stand in one place, wishes to be more qualified and keep up with the modern trends and tendencies. It refers to both professional competence and general education.

How do you develop knowledge and skills?

5 Ways to Keep Your Knowledge and Skills CurrentTake Professional Development Courses. Professional development courses can help you expand your professional skill set, learn something new, or even earn academic credit to put towards a degree. … Utilize Online Resources. … Attend Professional Events. … Network Online. … Invest in Continuing Education and Certification.

What is another word for dedication?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dedication, like: consecration, commitment, disloyalty, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, total-commitment, gratitude, bravery, apathy and inscription.

How do you express willingness to learn?

How to demonstrate your willingness to learn and growProvide examples of how you are self-teaching. … Highlight your dedication to growth. … Embrace emerging technology. … Explain how your ideas have helped the bottom line. … Ask questions in the interview.

What is willingness to take risks?

Willingness to take on risk refers to an individual’s risk aversion. If an individual expresses a strong desire not to see the value of the account decline and is willing to forgo potential capital appreciation to achieve this, this person would have a low willingness to take on risk, and is risk averse.

What is another word for disposition?

Some common synonyms of disposition are character, personality, temperament, and temper.

What does willingness to help mean?

1 : inclined or favorably disposed in mind : ready willing and eager to help. 2 : prompt to act or respond lending a willing hand.

How would you describe willingness?

an inclination or preference: We admire her willingness to stand up for what she believes.

Why do we need willingness?

The Importance of willingness to learn: Gives you the ability to create. The more things you learn, the more new ideas come to your mind. … One of the most important characteristics you need to deal successfully with difficulties is to have a desire and willingness to learn.

How do you use the word willingness in a sentence?

Use “willingness” in a sentence | “willingness” sentence examplesWorkers’leaders have expressed their willingness to cooperate.His presence is indicative of his willingness to help.Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons. … They manifested much willingness to go.More items…•

How can I improve my learning ability?

9 Tips to Improve How you Learn & Your Learning CapacityVary your learning routine, locations and material. … Get a good night’s sleep. … Space your study time. … “Cramming” for an exam can work…. … Use self testing. … Take notes in class and review them. … Don’t worry about short breaks or distractions while you’re studying.More items…•

What is another word for want?

Some common synonyms of want are covet, crave, desire, and wish.