Quick Answer: What Is Hooch Slang For?

Is Hooch a word?

hooch n.

(Canada, US, informal) Alcoholic liquor, especially inferior or illicit whisky.

hooch n..

How do inmates make hooch?

Considering that the jailhouse hooch is fermented fruit juice made from moldy bread, oranges, a ton of sugar; kept warm in showers with convicts; and then strained through a used sock, well, Crouch may be right.

Is there vodka in hooch?

Hooch Alcoholic Lemonade was a slightly bitter tasting lemonade and vodka alcopop. I think this was the first alcopop to land on British soil (certainly the first alcopop I remember getting drunk on …. lol).

What is a hood rat?

US slang, derogatory a young promiscuous woman from an impoverished urban area.

What’s another word for hooch?

Synonyms of hoochalcohol,aqua vitae,ardent spirits,booze,bottle,drink,firewater,grog,More items…

What kind of alcohol is Hooch?

A sparkling alcoholic brew made with real lemons and natural lemon flavours. Hooch is truly a legend of the drinks world.

What is the meaning of Hoochie Coochie Man?

“Hoochie Coochie Man” (originally titled “I’m Your Hoochie Cooche Man”) is a blues standard written by Willie Dixon and first recorded by Muddy Waters in 1954. The song makes reference to hoodoo folk magic elements and makes novel use of a stop-time musical arrangement.

What does Hootchy Kootchy mean?

hootchy-kootchy in American English (ˈhutʃiˈkutʃi ) US. nounWord forms: plural ˈhootchy-ˈkootchies. a kind of erotic performance somewhat like the belly dance, as formerly performed at carnivals, etc.

What’s the difference between Hooch and moonshine?

As nouns the difference between hooch and moonshine is that hooch is (north america|informal) alcoholic liquor, especially inferior or illicit whisky or hooch can be a thatched hut, chu, or any simple dwelling while moonshine is (literally) the light of the moon; moonlight.

Why is alcohol called booze?

Today I found out the origin of the term “booze”. The first references to the word “booze” meaning “alcoholic drink” in English appear around the 14th century, though it was originally spelled “bouse”. … This in turn was a cousin of the Dutch word “búsen”, which meant “to drink excessively” or “to get drunk”.

Does old juice turn into alcohol?

You can actually turn any fruit juice into alcohol with nothing but a cheap plastic airlock and a bag of champagne yeast. … The resulting fruity beverage will be a healthy alcoholic treat that should taste even better than prison wine.

Why do they call it hooch?

The origin of the term hooch is said to come from the Hoochinoo Indians of Alaska. A small Tlingit tribe, their name Hutsnuwu, in their own language, means brown bear or grizzly bear fort. … Still, the drink became associated with the tribe and was shortened to hooch.

What is a hooch room?

Definition for hooch (2 of 3) a prostitute’s dwelling. any place, as a house, room, or shack, where a serviceman sets up housekeeping with a local woman.

Is Hooch safe to drink?

You may have heard about a cheap, quick way to make a kind of homemade alcohol that goes by many different names, including pruno, hooch, brew, prison wine, and buck. No matter what it’s called, it can give you more than a cheap buzz. It can give you botulism, a life-threatening illness.

What’s a hoochie mama?

noun. a female with low morals and/or a female who dresses in gaudy, tight clothing. Look at her walking around in that dress two sizes too small for her. She is such a hoochie mama.

What is hooch tragedy?

‘Hooch’ is a term used for spurious alcoholic preparations. Consumption of such liquor preparations (also called ‘Laththa’) is harmful or fatal. … Outbreak of ‘hooch’ tragedies especially in the villages or slum areas are recorded because the spurious liquors are inexpensive and potent.

What Flavour is Hooch?

A sparkling alcoholic lemon brew made with real lemons and natural lemon flavours, containing real juicy bits.

Does Hooch get you drunk?

The metabolic process converts the sugar to alcohol and leaves you with a 4 – 14% ABV drink, which should make you good and tipsy.

What does hooch mean in slang?

(Entry 1 of 3) slang. : alcoholic liquor especially when inferior or illicitly made or obtained. hooch.