Quick Answer: How Do I Redeem My PiggyVest Bonus?

How do you make money with PiggyVest?

There are four ways you can make money with PiggyVest:Get N1000 from your first savings of at least N1000.Make money from interest on funds placed in your online Nigerian piggy bank.Make money with Piggy Points.Make money with the Piggybank referral Program..

How do I sign up for PiggyVest?

Download the PiggyVest app or simply create an account on the PiggyVest website. Verify your account and log into your dashboard and set up your withdrawal account information. Input your ATM Card information to activate your account (MasterCard, Visa, and Verve card are acceptable).

Is PiggyVest regulated?

100%. We operate as an MFB regulated by the CBN and funds insured by the NDIC.

Can I withdraw all my money from Piggyvest?

Can I choose any amount to withdraw per time? Yes, you can! Simply log into your account and click on the withdraw option, then input the amount you want to withdraw. PS: The minimum amount that can be accessed from your Piggybank and Flex Naira wallets is N3000 and N2000 respectively.

How do I get my Piggyvest referral bonus?

Hello, your referral bonus will be transferred to your flex account if the referred users have; • Linked their BVN and funded their Flex account directly from their bank account with at least N100 • Funded any other two products with at least N1000 in each.

How do I withdraw my PiggyVest referral bonus?

Click on connect request, insert your BVN, then proceed to access your flex account number. Note: On successful creation of flex account number, you can go ahead to withdraw your referral bonus….How to withdraw Piggyvest Referral bonus in simple steps.S/NProductInterest rate per annum1Piggybank10%2SafelockUp to 15.5%3TargetUp to 10%4Flex10%2 more rows•Aug 7, 2020