Question: Why Does Tris Get An Abnegation Tattoo?

How is Tris bullied?

Tris is bullied by getting “Stiff” spray painted on her mattress, getting made fun of for her body, and getting beaten up by the Chasm.

Tris gets taunted by him and then gets knocked out..

Who betrayed Tris in Divergent?

He is rescued by Four as per Tris’ wish, although she still has not forgiven him for his betrayal. Caleb participates in the escape from Chicago and arrives at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, a compound responsible for monitoring the factions….Caleb PriorOriginal factionAbnegationFactionErudite8 more rows

Why does abnegation hate erudite?

Erudite harbor a fierce grudge against Abnegation, believing that they are secret-keepers who are not nearly as selfless as they seem. They seek power over the government, and on many occasions sabotage members of Abnegation to get what they want. They also use Dauntless as their soldiers near the end of Divergent.

Why does AI want a tattoo in divergent?

During her aptitude test, she notices that Tori, the Dauntless test administrator, has a hawk with a red eye tattooed on her neck. Tori explains that in some cultures, the hawk was a symbol of the sun, so the tattoo reminds her that she conquered her fear of the dark.

What do Tris’s fears mean?

By contrast, Tris’s fears are a little less literal and a little more symbolic. She’s afraid of being attacked by birds in a field, but she doesn’t have a bird-phobia (unless she’s seen Hitchcock’s The Birds one too many times).

What are Tris’s last words?

Her last words to Tris are “Be brave, Beatrice. I love you.” With these words, she’s advocating both Dauntless behavior and Abnegation values. The statement is bittersweet, since she is shot to death by Dauntless soldiers immediately afterward.

Is Christina divergent?

Christina is a Dauntless initiate transfer from Candor. She helps Tris onto the train and later they jump from the moving train together onto the roof below. They then become best friends.

Who kills Tris?

Will was one of Tris Prior’s good friends and Christina’s boyfriend during their Dauntless initiation. He was, however, killed by Tris when he was under Jeanine’s control.

Why are abnegation called stiff?

Stiff is merely a nickname, its rather a tease instead. … The nickname Stiff is commonly used as Abnegation wear plain, grey clothes to be humble and subtle – grey is also their faction colour displayed by the grey stones used to represent Abnegation at the choosing ceremony.

What is the abnegation symbol?

And here is Abnegation, the faction known for their selflessness… I will be my undoing if I become my obsession. An unlikely Facebook status if ever there was one. The symbol is two hands clasped, which signifies the factions known willingness to put others before themselves and help people whenever possible.

How many tattoos does Tris Prior have?

While Four’s inked back required hours, Tris’ three raven tattoos (representing her mother, father and brother) demanded less time.

Why can’t Tris be attracted to al?

Why can’t Tris be attracted to Al? Al is too fragile.

What advice does Tris mom have for her?

She advises Tris to stay ranked in the middle, then asks her to visit Caleb and convince him to research the test simulation serum. As she leaves, Tris realizes her mother must have grown up Dauntless.

Why does al say he chose Dauntless?

Why does Al say he chose Dauntless on Choosing Day? He thinks it’s important to protect people and stand up for them. His father made him. He’d always had a crush on Tris, so when she chose Dauntless, so did he.

Who killed al in divergent?

TrisShe even goes as stating that if he ever came near her again, she would kill him. Depressed, afraid, and remorseful, Al jumped into the chasm, ending his life. In the aftermath of Al’s death, Tris calls his suicide selfish when Eric calls it courageous.

What does Tris tattoo represent?

Tris is inked with three ravens on her collarbone, which she explains in the book as “a reminder of where I was…a way to honor my old life.” The birds represent each of the members of the family she leaves behind when she chooses to join the Dauntless—her mother, father, and brother.

Who is the leader of abnegation?

Marcus EatonAbnegation’s main leader, Marcus Eaton, was not killed during the genocide. After the war, the remaining Abnegation members left and stayed with other factions, like Candor and Amity, or became Factionless.

What does Tris realize about Eric?

What does Tris realize about Eric? Eric is really an Erudite. Why was Four being “cruel”? To hide his feelings for her.